Windy Wednesday

Having a great time with Swop Shop Kids

We had a great time with the kids this Wednesday! The wind was blowing like crazy and it was our first time sorting the kids bags into different types of plastic and paper. There were bottles flying everywhere and a couple of time full bags of paper would blow off and we would have to go running after them!


The kids were having a great time. They thought chasing blowing bottles was a great game and they helped us a lot running after bottles and bags!

Also a HUGE thanks to all the amazing people who help us out every week! This week the Vonofakidis family arrived in force, with Louise and her two daughter Daniele and Galanis. Ben, Siffeny and Cindy dominated, and a great time was had by all!

Total = 970 kgs

Cardboard = 741kgs
Plastic = 126kgs
Mixed = 52kgs
Glass = 45kgs
tin = 6kgs

Soup to warm the soul

Serving Soup

Volunteer serving soup

We have recently started making soup to feed those who come to the Recycle Swop Shop with a bit more than just a peanut butter roll.

Everyone has received this improvement with great excitement. A huge thanks to BLAAUWBERG Meat Wholesalers for supplying us with the meat in the form of meaty bones that allow us to make the delicious soup.

This Saturday I went to visit another great project happening in Du Noon that runs a soup kitchen. I joined in with a bunch of people young and old as they served soup and sandwiches to people in the community, and played and loved the kids of the area. This soup kitchen started up when a few friends decided that they wanted to get involved and love their community. It is so exciting to join with ordinary people like me and you who are wanting to get involved and give back to the people around them in need!

A recycling company is picking up our recycling!

Transprot Help - Tygerburger 27.07.11

Transport Help -Tygerburger 27.07.11

In response to our article in the Tygerburger we finally have a solution to our recycling pick up problem!

We have been struggling to find a solution to the huge number of bags we have been collecting, without being charged. A recycling company have saved the Recycle Swop Shop and are collecting our bags of recycling at no charge! We are hoping that at some stage we will be able to earn some money from our recycling in order for us to not be so heavily reliant on donations.

Elkanah Market 30th July

Melting Moments Biscuits

A mountain of wonderful biscuits

Melting Moments biscuit

Melting Moments Biscuits

The day was warm, French music waved its way lazily through the atmosphere. With the smells of fresh bread and the gentle hum of conversation greeting the senses: The Elkanah Market had begun.

This was our 3rd Elkanah Market manning a stall to advertise The Recycle Swop Shop and take donations for food, toiletry and school packs which we will stock our Shop in Du Noon with. It was fantastic weather for the market, and even through the Springboks suffered a crushing defeat by New Zealand, souls were lifted by the warm sun and the vibey atmosphere. We always have a good time chatting to people about what we are doing in Du Noon, joking with the people with stalls close to us, and covering for each other which gives us a chance to wander the market ourselves.

A big thanks to Tarah and Yoyo who gave up their time to help run the stall and thanks to Zahn from Melting Moments who made the most amazing biscuit to give to those who donated, and a Massive thanks to everyone who dontated!

The people in Du Noon will really appreciate all the items that you bought for them.

For more infomation on the Recycle Swop Shop click here to check it out.

Build a Bot – Techno Joy!

Well the Build a Bot week long course is over, it ran from the 11th to the 15th of July and went off smashingly.

The 3 teams and their robots

The 3 teams and their robots

The week long course ran in the last week of the school holidays and we had six young evil geniuses ready to build robots to conquer the world. With a mix of lessons on building, designing and programming the students were soon creating robots to deal with the furious challenges I laid before them. Working in teams of two the guys built robots to deal with different problems, from precision robot movement all the way through to using advanced sensors like the ultrasonic sensor to detect the distance of obstacles and light sensors to detect and follow lines.

A robot on the course

Their final challenge threw all the concepts together and had them build a robot to collect a series of loops and columns, all the while having to avoid knocking over walls or collectable items (Which would lose them points). The designs were all different. From a munching robot that used big jaws to “eat” all the collectables (its giant mouth/claw was truly fierce), to a team that collected rings with a long spike and used a massive boom to pick up the columns. The winning team, however, favoured simplicity and structurally outstanding design. It collected the rings with a long 2 pronged “arm” that would lift to keep the loops secure. Once these had been returned to base, and extension piece was added to make the arm into a raking claw that collected the columns.

All in all great fun was had by all. A big thanks to Christopher Lanis Who helped out with robot design (he is the designer that won the Elkanah team the first prize in robot design nationally in the Lego League competition) and a big thanks to all the Students who participated, it was great to see how much you learned and the great robots you made.

Painting Zusakhe

Newly painted Kitchen container by Restorative Arts Festival 2011

The team of painters from Restorative Arts Festival have been working hard over the past month to give Zusakhe a new look and what an amazing job they have done!

The containers have been painted in bold and bright colours, the amazing works of art are breathtaking and the place has been transformed. Thank you so much for all your hard work! You are such a dedicated and talented team and your art will bring joy to many for a long time.


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