Music in Me

Myles Bing Recording

Writting a song

Singers at Bloubergrant High School


Since July 2009 students at Bloubergrant High School have been enjoying the opportunity to learn about the discipline of song-writing and music production. Starting with a core of 3 regulars, the word (& music!) has spread and now attracts a core group of 10 – 15 inspired individuals.


As well as the fun to be had from spending time music-making together, Music in Me participants gain some very real and useful life-skills:

Technical Skills – Studio work & etiquette, learning to use recording software & equipment
Teamwork – Encouraged to craft songs together – this also benefits inter-personal skills
Persistence – It’s no secret that anything creative can sometimes be a painstaking process!
Discipline – Participants book Recording time and need to use this proficiently
Confidence – Performing in front of peers
Sense-of-Achievement – Nurturing an idea into something that others can experience and enjoy


The Music In Me project is inspired by the music of its participants as well as the wish to inspire its participants with a future filled with hope and expectation – some will be able to enjoy a career in music and the performing arts because of the experience and confidence gained from being involved with Music in Me.

We hope that their work and dedication will also inspire you to realise that one of the most precious things we can do is to offer hope and a future to individuals who were previously without both.


– Outlets for songs created by the students (Quad E’s song ‘I Promise’ was aired on Bush Radio in 2012)
– Training up producers/technicians & rolling the Music in Me program out to other schools
– Empowering other musicians & musical programs in under-privileged areas.
– Setting up studios in under-privileged areas.

Facebook “Bloubergrant Songwriters”
Youtube channel is “outloudmusicpress”

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