Lego Robotics

Building the robot
Group working on robot
Building the Robot 2

July 25th – 29th | Inkwenkwezi High School, Du Noon

This week our Intern Vinay Trivedi-Parmar is running a fun-filled Lego Robotics course for 6 Grade 12′s, where they build and program a working robot that can sense and react to the world around it!

The Robotics program gives underprivileged students an opportunity to see through the eyes of an engineer and a programmer. The program focuses on promoting Maths, Science and Technology and showing the real world applications of these school subjects in fun and exciting ways.

Students have the opportunity to design, build and program their own robots to deal with a number of different tasks. The course teaches a wide range of skills while focusing on fun, stimulating, out of the box thinking and learning. One great strength of this project is the ability to turn what is often dull theory into exciting real life application.

We want to inspire our students to aim for a future where they can accomplish more than they had dreamed, and by exposing them to their own talent and passion, we are able to do so. We are currently running the program into one local underprivileged school, but would like to expand this project. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

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