Recycle Swop Shop
Donations Policy Document

Thank You!

We are incredibly grateful to everyone who offers any donations! It is directly through your donations that we are able to have an impact on the community. Everything you offer goes directly towards stocking the Recycle Swop Shop and therefore directly towards bringing upliftment in the community.

Guidelines for Donations
To help those wishing to donate we have created the following policies to direct donations.

We are always grateful for donations of old clothes. These are always in high demand so donations in this area are greatly needed.

We accept and need clothes and shoes of all kinds. Children’s clothes (from age 10 to 16) are most often in short supply, but all clothes, from babies to adults, are greatly appreciated.

Clothes need to be cleaned/washed before they are brought in. Please do not give clothes that are badly torn, damaged or stained.

We take all food that is packaged or sealed. Some examples of food in high demand in the swop shop:
• Tined Pilchards in tomato sauce / Assorted vegetable tins
• Red Speckled Beans or Sugar Beans (Dry)
• Samp
• Sugar
• Sunlight Powder
• Cooking Oil
• Peanut Butter

We stock the shop with all sorts of different toiletries. We are primarialy in need of women and children’s items where it is applicable
• Toothpaste
• Tooth Brushes
• Soap
• Roll on Deodorant (Women’s and men’s)
• Toilet rolls

All donation can be dropped off at either:
Elkanah House

MONDAYS Blouberg Campus, 15 Sail Street, Bloubergsands 7.30 to 8.30 am
TUESDAYS Sunningdale Campuses, 24 & 26 Valderrama Drive, Sunningdale 7.00 to 8.30 am
WEDNESDAYS High School, 85 Sunningdale Drive, Sunningdale 7.00 to 8:30 am

The Iron Lady
Blauberg Road, 215 Blaauberg Road, Table View (Pink & white stripes)
Tel: (082) 2964559

Kenridge Primary School
Van Riebeeck Avenue, Kenridge, 7550
Recycle drop off zone – clothing bin
Tel: (021) 976 3046 Sandy Fourie

It is always great to have people come to see what is happening at the Swop Shop and we are always in need of people to help.

• Tuesdays 9am – 11.30pm and 2pm -4.30pm at Inkwenkwezi Sedondary School, Du noon.
You are welcome even If you can only come for part of the time. The afternoon is for children if you would prefer to work with kids.
• Wednesday 1.30pm – 4pm (Meet at Iron Lady at 12.45pm) Westbank No. 1 Primary School, Wesbank.

Anyone and everyone is welcome, we have all sorts of different jobs and we can always find a place for you to fit your needs.
How do you sign up:
If you would like to join us you can contact us by phone or email

Email: or Cellphone: 074 194 5332

Financial donations of any amount are accepted. There is no minimum limit.
Ref: Recycle Swop Shop

Find out more:
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